About Us : Divyesh Borisagar and His Journey Towards Digital Divyesh

Divyesh Borisagar

Divyesh Borisagar

Divyesh Borisagar is Founder and CEO of Digital Divyesh.

About Divyesh Borisagar Digital Divyesh:

I started my journey as Mechanical Engineer but my interest in Technology always bring me towards Digital World.

I Started Career in Different field so it’s difficult for me to development in this field.

First Learn and then remove L

I started learning from internet and all available sources, How to Make Website,What is WordPress,What is Blogger and Basic of all things.

Whith Learning and help of other sources I Started Website for providing Shopping Deals and Tricks and Started WhatsApp Group for this.

My first site is VihsTricks which made using free blogger Platform.

But not get response from viewer on VihsTricks so I started my 2nd site with same blogger platform and amozon affiliate Killer Deals but site fails again.

My Second site also fail but got response from WhatsApp Group now People started asking me for shopping offer and Deals, So got Confident towards my choice.

My first income from Digital World is from affiliate marketing and it was 3469 Rs. After work of 3 months so it’s not big amount but after that I know income from internet or online is possible.

With the help of my small income I Startet my 3rd site and it’s E-commerce site with name of ajiCart.com and started selling online and started getting small profit but due Covid-19 problem my site fails.

When started studying reasons behind failure.

I found I not using SEO on My and site and other important things that need in internet media

So I started learning about SEO and how to make site SEO Friendly.

After failure of 3 sites I started this site DigitalDivyesh.com

About Us: digitaldivyesh.com

Digital Divyesh

Digital Divyesh

As I Say I Start digitaldivyesh.com after failure of my 3 site, Now I know what is SEO and What is important of SEO for Sites.

Digital Divyesh is site about to provide Tech Tips & Tricks, Tech News, Product Reviews, Latest Tech Updates and Much More.

Main moto of Digital Divyesh is to keep followers up to date in this Digital World.

Digital Divyesh site’s main moto is not earning.

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