11 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android in 2020

Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

In this digital world, we always carry our mobile phone with us with our private and confidential data.

Keeping our data like Credit Card Photos, Personal Photo and Videos, Web Series, Adult Photos, and Videos on our mobile phone without security are not safe, Attackers or friends can see them without our permission or may misuse them.

The latest smartphones come with multiple lock options, but after just unlocking the main lock your data available for all.

If you are an android user and want to hide or lock your private photos and videos or other data? Want an app to hide photos and videos?

Top Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe is one best app to hide videos and photos on android.

Keepsafe hides videos and photos by locking down with PIN, Fingerprint, Pattern, and military-grade protection.

Just select photos and videos you want to hide and important into Keepsafe Photo Vault. Once imported, You can delete from your phone’s public gallery and enjoy secret photos from keepsafe when need.

If you take online backup for easy recovery after your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keepsafe even doesn’t show up in your recently used apps list.

You can also opt for premium service for extra features.

To Download Keepsafe for free Click Here

2. Calculator – Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos

Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault is the best app to hide videos and photos with a unique password.

You can also hide other files using Calculator Photo Vault.

This app looks like a beautiful calculator app so no one knows its gallery lock.

You can use this app as a regular and scientific calculator.

An inbuilt private browser in this app provides you safe and private surfing and downloading.

You can directly lock downloaded photos.

Just Shake the phone and the app will close, This feature provides extra control.

You can also create a fake Vault with a different password to hide fake photos and videos.

Calculator Photo Vault is a calculator looking best app to hide photos and videos.

To Download Calculator Photo Vault Click Here

3. 1Gallery – Photo Gallery & Vault

1Gallery Photo Gallery


1Gallery is the best alternative gallery app with extra features. 1Gallery is a simple, beautiful app that will bring you a smooth experience.

View and Hide photos and videos directly from the gallery with Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint protection.

You can use this app as a photo and video editor app to crop, rotate, resize, filters & more.

The app also uses as a video player to view videos with subtitles.

The app comes with Auto, Light, and Dark Themes.

1Gallery is Gallery alternative app to hide photos and videos.

To Download 1Gallery Click Here

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4. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

Hide photos and videos with LockMyPix in your private photo vault and video vault.

LockMyPix is one of the best app to hide video with a 4.6-star rating in the Google play store.

You can hide photos and videos with Pin, Face, Fingerprint, Pattern, and Pattern protection.

With LockMyPix you can lock and hide photo and video in your hidden folder.

The app is fully invisible so no one sees directly.

This app just not hide video and photo also keep safe them with AES CTR.

You can also go with LockMyPix Pro for exclusive features.

To Download LockMyPix Click Here

5. Hide Something photos, videos

Hide Something Photos, Videos

Hide Something Photos, Videos

Hide Something is the Easiest and Highest rated hiding app to hide photos and videos from your gallery.

Lock available with Fingerprint, Pattern, or Pin Lock.

You can also take a direct backup of hidden files to Google drive.

You can share hidden photos/videos directly from this app.

This app doesn’t show up in the recently used apps list.

How to Use

Step 1: Choose photos or videos which you want to keep in privacy and hide them.
Step 2: Using pattern lock to access your hidden photos or videos.
Step 3: Choose the hidden photos or videos to restore.

To Download Hide Something Click Here

6. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty

Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty

Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty is a 10-year-old app with the best features and easy to use app.

Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty is the best app to Hide Pictures & Videos

How to Hide Pictures & Videos Within Vaulty

1. Open Vaulty, then tap the lock icon at the top,
2. Tap an album,
3. Tap thumbnails to select files, then tap the lock at the top to hide them.

Share Pictures & Videos From Other Apps

1. While viewing a picture or a video, tap the share icon,
2. Select Vaulty from the list of apps,
3. Vaulty will remove the pictures and videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault.

You can use a Pin or text Password for protection.

You can create multiple vaults to show different people.

The Mugshot feature of the app can snap a picture of anyone who enters the wrong password.

To Download Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty Click Here

7. Andrognito – Hide Files, Photos, Videos

Andrognito Hide Files

Andrognito Hide Files

Want to hide your files, photos, and videos secretly? Andrognito is the best app for you in the Google play store.

You can also hide photos and videos and files on the Andrognito cloud and never worry about a stolen device or broken SD Card.

End-to-end encryption ensures all your data is completely safe and secure.

You can also enable Fake Force Close features, This feature force the app to crash during unlock to the device, This looks like the app is currently not working.

The Andrognito app is available with many themes you can use as you like to change the look and feel.

Andrognito is the best App to Hide Videos on Android with a file hide feature.

To Download Andrognito – Hide Files, Photos, Videos Click Here

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8. Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is the app of the year selected by Times Magazine.

The app is one of the top 10 apps sold on Google Play Store.

Gallery Lock is the best app to hide videos on SD Card Android

The app is the best app to hide videos and photos with easy to use of Pin, Pattern protection.

Stealth Mode in this app hides a launch icon of the app.

The watchdog feature of this app takes a photo of the attacker after 3rd failed attempt.

You can share pictures from lock to any applications.

This app comes with a beautiful design with many more features.

To Download Gallery Lock Click Here

9. Safe Gallery (Media Lock)

Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery is a gallery alternative app with a media lock feature.

With this app, you can view and lock photos, videos, and audio files.

You can easily view locked files with your Pin, Password, Pattern, or Fingerprint.

You can also download and hide any favorite photos from a web page with this app.

The app is the best app to hide photos, Videos, and Audio files with the Gallery feature.

To Download Safe Gallery Click Here

10. PhotoGuard Photo Vault: Hide Photos Keep Safe Lock

PhotoGuard Photo Vault

PhotoGuard Photo Vault

PhotoGuard is one of the best app to hide photos.

PhotoGuard is a specially made app to hide photos.

This app keeps your private photos safe with Pin, Fingerprint, Pattern, or Password lock.

You use a private camera to take photos and photos will directly store with protection.

With this app, you can also lock a full album.

This app comes with dark mode support.

To Download PhotoGuard Click Here

11. Photo Lock App – Hide Pictures & Videos

Photo Lock App

Photo Lock App

Photo Lock App is completely free to hide unlimited photos and videos.

With Safe Browser you can surf through the internet using a safe browser and even download photos and videos which will be stored secretly inside this app.

The powerful App Lock feature of this app lock private and social apps.

Stealth Mode of this magically disappears and gets replaced with secret icons e.g. News, radio, weather, etc.

Face Down Lock feature perform action given by you when your device faces downward. You can choose to close the app or open a website or another app in an emergency.

This app comes with an inbuilt Image Viewer and Video Player.

Uninstall Protection Feature of this app prevents from being uninstalled by kids or strangers.

This best app to hide photos and videos with the inbuilt app to hide apps.

To Download Photo Lock App Click Here

Note: Before uninstalling any app don’t forget to take your data back in normal condition (Unhide).

Inbuilt Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

All new coming android phones in the market have an inbuilt app to hide photos and other files, Here is some apps info.

Xiaomi Phones: Xiaomi devices running on MIUI have an inbuilt File Manager app with hide folders or files option. Just select the file you want to hide and click on 3 dots and select the “Hide” option. Your file will hide with Pin or Password protection.

Realme Phones: Realme devices running on ColorOs have a feature to hide photos and videos in a private safe. To access go to Settings -> Security -> Private Safe.

Samsung Phones: Similar to Realme’s Private Safe, Samsung has a Secure Folder option with Pin Lock. To enable go to Settings -> Biometric and Security -> Secure Folder.

OnePlus Phones: In OnePlus mobiles, there is an inbuilt hide option in File Manager with the name “Lockbox”. Lockbox is a private folder with Pin protection, Just move files in Lockbox to protect.

LG Phones: To hide photos in LG Phones without any app Go to Gallery -> Select Photos -> Click on 3 dots -> Click on the “Lock” option.

Hide Photos, Videos, and other Files Without any App

Don’t want to install any third-party app? And your phone doesn’t have an inbuilt app to hide Photos and Videos or files? Follow the below trick to hide photos and videos and other files.

Trick :

  1. Select Folder You Want to Hide
  2. Click on Rename
  3. Add “.”  (Dot) Before Folder Name and Save
  4. Done

To get the folder back click on the “Show Hiden File” option and Remove Dot from the folder name.

Conclusion: There are many app to hide photos and videos on Android, Choose according to your need. You can also use the inbuilt hide or lock feature to save device space but if you need extra features then go with one of the best apps. There are many other tricks available to hide files without an app, But don’t try any tricks if you don’t know what you are doing.

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